black bottle

Lightproof™ turns All Black

black bottlePact Group subsidiary Alto has collaborated with New Zealand dairy giant Fonterra to launch a black milk bottle in support of the All Black’s 2015 Rugby World Cup campaign.

The limited edition run of 4 million numbered 2L all black Anchor bottles gives Kiwis a way to support both of New Zealand’s most famous exports together. The bottles are be numbered from 1 to 15 so consumers can collect the whole team.

The black bottle is just one way Anchor is leveraging their sponsorship of New Zealand’s national rugby team. A brand film has been developed and is running on TV, online video and across social media. Anchor re-ignited its partnership with the All Blacks on July 31 this year, 80 years to the day since the dairy company supported the All Black’s first overseas tour in 1835.

The black bottle also reinforces Anchor’s new position, #gostrong, which connects all the elements of the campaign.

While the bottle colour has changed, inside is the same Anchor milk, and the bottle is still completely recyclable.

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