Pact Group collaborate with Meadow Fresh to launch a new milk bottle

meadow_fresh_heroPact Group subsidiary Alto has collaborated with Goodman Fielder’s Meadow Fresh brand to design an innovative new bottle for their permeate free milk range.

The new Meadow Fresh milk is less processed across the entire range of blue, light blue, and trim, with Meadow Fresh no longer adding permeate into their milk to standardise it. Milk without permeate has high levels of protein and calcium and a rich, creamy taste.

The new 1 and 2 litre milk bottles have been designed to stand out on shelf with a new jug-like shape.  The bottles are semi opaque so consumers can see the milk level inside and they have a handy measuring guide on the side for convenience while still being easy pour and easy to pick up and carry.

Click here to learn more about the new Meadow Fresh range

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