Pact collaborates with Puhoi Valley to Re-launch their Premium Organic and Flavoured Milk Range

PuhoiMilk_460x300pxPact Group collaborated with Puhoi Valley to re-launch their premium organic and flavoured milk range.

The new PET bottle needed to be compatible with existing moulding equipment, filling lines, distribution channels and recycling infrastructure. The bottle had to have a sturdy glass like premium feel and capture the brand’s history and credentials.

Extensive research was conducted into all of these areas during the bottle development.

The resulting high standard of bottle finish is achieved through highly polished moulds and a single stage moulding process. Custom embossing was designed to give good clarity and visibility without creating scuff marks or manufacturing issues.

The final package combines the best properties of a PET bottle (lightweight, re-sealable, un-breakable, recyclable) with the look and feel of a classic glass milk bottle. The square/round shape is unique in the market. The package conveys Puhoi Valley’s authentic premium market position for quality and authenticity. From a functional perspective the design is very user friendly, easy to hold, pour, re-seals well after opening. The 1.5ltr size has an added grip feature on the neck to further aid in bottle handling.

The range started out with the 1.5Ltr and 750ml versions and the 300ml recently added.

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