460 x 300 Applause ppl

Pact Group Announces 2014 Platinum Applause Awards Winners

460 x 300 Applause pplWe have announced the platinum winners at the 2014 Applause Awards!

This year’s six platinum finalists were: Dale Rideout from Alto Hastings, Bill Brewster from VIP Packaging in Queensland, David McNickle (two Platinum ideas) and Kim Clayton both from Alto Hamilton, Richie Eustaquio from VIP Packaging in Moorabbin and Michelle Frank from Signum Broadmeadows.

To learn more about the winners, their ideas and their Applause experience, click the links below:

Video: Applause – Pact Groups Reward & Recognition Programme
Announcement: 2014 Applause Awards Winners and Platinum Finalists

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