Pact Group Announces 2016 Applause Winners

_94a9314_460x300Pact Group has announced the platinum winners in the 2019 Applause Program!

This year’s record eleven platinum finalists were:

  • Tracey Hughes (Viscount – Carrum Downs)
  • Fiona Kennedy (Inpact Innovation)
  • Kim Provan (Viscount – Carrum Downs)
  • Hayley Mark (Inpact Innovation)
  • Monique Entwisle (Tecpak – Dunedin)
  • Shaun LeFabre (VIP Closures – Moorabbin)
  • Alex Caltabiano (VIP – Minto)
  • Aditi Mamtani, Abby Taybe and Sanjee Sembukutti (Jalco / Alto)

To learn more about the winners, their ideas and their Applause experience, click the link below:

Announcement: 2016 Applause Awards Winners and Platinum Finalists


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