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Pact Group contributes to Retail World’s Packaged for Success article

Digital_PrintSiobhan McCrory – Pact Group’s General Manager of Sales, Marketing and Innovation has again contributed to a Retail World feature on packaging trends. The article focuses on the two exclusive technology innovations recently launched by Pact Group; Digital Print and Tapit.

Digital Print
Digital printing increases consumer interaction with FMCG brands, through personalisation of packaging and seamless and immediate integration of seasonal and location based promotions, online marketing campaigns and sponsorship activation. Providing a unique, flexible and efficient alternative to traditional decoration processes, digital printing ensures FMCG consumers receive recent, relevant and highly target messages.

Tapit is a communication platform that links consumers directly to an FMCG brands website by simply tapping the pack with their phone. It works through Near Field Communication technology (NFC). Inside each pack is a chip, which is activated when tapped by a consumers’ phone. The encoded chip then links directly to the nominated website alleviating any need for downloaded apps or even scan code readers.

According to McCrory, “FMCG brands are increasingly focused on customisation and connectivity with consumers in an effort to build a more emotional connection. For this reason Pact Group has made significant investment in both Digital print and Tapit technology.”

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