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Pact Group named as one of Australia’s Most Innovative Companies by BRW for the third consecutive year

BRW 460x 300Pact Group is thrilled to feature on BRW’s Australia’s Most Innovative Companies list; the only packaging company to achieve this prestigious recognition for three consecutive years. The BRW Most Innovative Companies list was created in conjunction with Australia’s leading innovation consultancy, Inventium, which applies the latest findings from psychology, management science and cognitive science to help organisations grow through innovation. Entries for the 2015 BRW Most Innovative Companies list grew by 50 per cent this year, with over 500 companies registering for the competition. Entrants undertake a series of assessments including demonstrating how innovation is embedded into the organisation’s structures, strategy and capabilities.

This year, Pact was recognised for the ground-breaking whole-of-life solution that was developed for local government. As councils roll out new wheelie bins to households and business within their municipality, a mass of damaged and unserviceable bins are left behind. This equates to almost 2000 tonnes (or 186,000 plastic bins) potentially ending up as landfill, costing councils throughout Australia both financially and environmentally.
To address this, Pact developed a whole of life solution that involves buying back damaged or unserviceable wheelie bins from local councils, recycling them and then using the recycled resin in the manufacture of new bins. Pact established relationships with over 250 local councils across who are now actively participating in the program and making sizeable improvements to the sustainability of renewing wheelie bins across Australia.

Over the last year, Pact has diverted over 1675 tonnes of plastic from landfill and converted these into over 585,000 new bins. The environmental benefits achieved in the last year through the program are the equivalent to planting over 2000 trees, powering over 1280 homes, and saving over 12,000 wheelie bins full of rubbish from going into landfill.

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