RPC Superfos

Pact Group signs long-term licensing extension with RPC Superfos

RPC Superfos Pact Group (Pact) is pleased to announce that it has, through its subsidiaries Tecpak and VIP Packaging, recently renewed its two technology licensing agreements with the world-known European plastic packaging manufacturer RPC Superfos. These licensing agreements give Pact ongoing access to global leading edge technology and know-how in thin wall injection moulding in Australia and New Zealand. Pact, through its subsidiaries is therefore pleased to advise that it will be able to continue offering RPC Superfos’ innovative products to both new and existing clients.

Furthermore Pact, through its VIP Packaging subsidiary, is pleased to announce that it has recently entered into another Licensing Agreement where RPC Superfos has agreed to license Pact Group’s various technology offerings which address the issue of paint skinning in plastic containers.

Mark Nothnagel, General Manager Commercial & Manufacturing Development for the Pact Group, said “I am really pleased to announce that we have recently formalized the continued collaboration between Pact and RPC Superfos in Australia and New Zealand. RPC Superfos are one of the global benchmarks in terms of technology and innovation for thin wall injection moulded containers. RPC Superfos continue to demonstrate their expertise and leadership in terms of product innovation particularly in Europe and around the world.”

RPC Superfos has also secured the license to utilize Pact’s three leading edge anti-skinning technologies in the European marketplace. Through its Viscount and VIP Packaging business units PACT have two existing patent protected technologies which eliminate the issue of paint skinning, particularly for low VOC paints, in plastic containers. Over the last 3 years two of these technologies have been successfully commercialized by the Pact subsidiaries across Australia and New Zealand with several key customers.

“I believe that both RPC and Pact’s reputation’s for delivering cutting edge, innovative and functional products and technologies to their customers will be enhanced through the extension and expansion of our collaboration” says Nothnagel.

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