Pact Products

Product packaging has a practical application and a brand application.

Innovative packaging does the best of both:

  • Finds new and better ways to store product, improve shelf-life, reduce breakage, reduce weight and reduce waste
  • Provides a strong brand presence on shelf, differentiates itself in the category through innovation and aesthetics

The Pact team lives and breathes packaging – relentlessly investigating customer sentiment, market trends, international best practice, sustainable solutions and the latest technology. Pact has dedicated product development, marketing, technical, production and sustainability teams to brainstorm innovative packaging ideas and convert them into commercial realities. Our vision is to create packaging that enriches people’s lives everyday.

Pact’s product suite includes:

  • Plastic packaging of yoghurt, cream and ice-cream containers, milk and beverage bottles, margarine tubs, food jars, meat and bakery trays, cubes, pails, tubes and cartridges, bottle caps and closures and other customised packaging
  • Metal packaging of steel drums, tinplate pails and other metal containers
  • Plastic material handling, industrial and technical products
  • Sustainability products and services