Our Approach to Sustainability – We make it, We take it!

Sustainability is fundamental to Pact’s strategic direction and vision to enrich lives everyday through sustainable packaging solutions. To facilitate this vision, Pact has developed a unique closed-loop national infrastructure for hard-to-recycle packaging, managed by a dedicated Sustainability Services division – Sustainapac.


Sustainapac supports Pact and its customers to create business opportunities from sustainable packaging solutions.

Sustainapac can calculate the complete environmental impact a product will have over its entire life cycle – from ‘cradle to grave’. Sustainapac’s suite of services also includes packaging assessments against APC requirements, packaging recycling assessments, sustainable packaging design, recycling program development and stakeholder engagement.

Pact’s national infrastructure for hard to recycle packaging includes:

  • Plastic oil bottle collection and recycling www.oilcontainerrecycling.com.au
  • Drum recycling and reconditioning
  • IBC collection and reconditioning
  • Agchem container collection and recycling (drumMUSTER)
  • Customer collection programs


Pact is one of the largest recyclers of resin in Australia and New Zealand.

Recycling plastic makes sense ecologically and economically – for our customers, ourselves and our community. It reduces waste and saves costs. We collect clean industrial plastic scrap in Australia and in New Zealand, break it down, granulate and extrude it. We then either:

  • Return the reprocessed plastic to the original source (“tolling”);
  • Sell it as graded plastic resin; or
  • Process it into plastic sheet products that save substantial costs in materials handling, e.g. slipsheets, as well as underground utility protectors (cable covers) and other customised products.

Our commitment to excellence extends to making our workplace a safe and healthy environment for employees, visitors and customers. We most commonly recycle LDPE, HDPE, PP and PS, but we also handle other grades of plastic.

light proof bottle


We don’t compromise strength for lightness or the environment for packaging

Drinking milk shouldn’t spoil our environment

It takes a whole lot of plastic, petrol and manpower to put milk in mouths around Australia and New Zealand every year, all of which can take their toll on the environment. The average Aussie gulps down 106 litres of white gold each year, with the Kiwis not far behind at 81 litres per annum .

Our new lightweight bottle

Infini® is our latest milk packaging innovation. It’s the lightest bottle in the Australian and New Zealand market place, which is why it won last year’s Dairy Innovations Award. We’re the kind of people who cry over spilt milk, so Infini® doesn’t compromise strength for lightness. Our team has redesigned the bottle under an exclusive license with Nampak UK to fit both domestic supply chain requirements and consumers’ fridges. The proposed Infini® range is available in 2 and 3 litre bottles.

Milk bottles don’t have to be heavy to be strong

Sure, the new Infini® bottle can be up to 22 per cent lighter than any milk packaging products currently available, but it’s still made from the same HDPE. As well as being durable, this also means it’s completely recyclable. The genius lies in the engineering and design, which enables us to create a bottle as light as a cloud and as strong as a rock.

Protecting both milk and the environment

The aim of Infini® is to leave the smallest carbon footprint possible from bottle to bin. We have a neat little tool called PIQET (Packaging Impact Quick Evaluation Tool) that calculates the environmental impact of milk bottles, from manufacturing raw materials and packaging conversion, through to landfill disposal and recycling.

If we replace our existing supply of all milk bottles in Australia with the new Infini® range, we’ll use 581 tonnes less resin than we do at present. That’s the equivalent in weight to around 150 fully-grown elephants, or 14 million regular 2-litre milk bottles. Click here to view the Infini® LCA

light proof bottle


End to End Solution for light proof bottle in New Zealand.

When the new light proof milk bottle launched in New Zealand, it drew criticism from some recyclers who were concerned that the material would be less-sought after post recycling. However, Pact through its access to recycling facilities is able to take back milk bottles from other recyclers, process the material and use the resin to manufacture bins, slip sheets, agricultural pipes and drainage coils. To read more about this story please click here: www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news

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