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Viscount Wins Contract to Supply Revolutionary Noise Wall for the M5 West Road Widening Project

noise wallPact Group is proud to announce that its subsidiary Viscount Rotational Moulding (“Viscount”) has been selected to supply the noise wall panels for the M5 West Road Widening Project for its distributor Aus Group Alliance (AGA).

AGA is contracted by LendLease, the engineering and construction contractor with stewardship of the $315 million M5 project slated for completion later this year. Viscount and AGA worked together to develop the new panel that will be used for this particular project.

Viscount’s polyethylene noise panels are a heavy-duty rotary moulded plastic, designed to diffuse noise as it passes through the material. The panels work by absorbing and reflecting sound through a hollow core and are supported by galvanised steel universal beams and a simple mounting system. The panels have a design life of more than 40 years, and are easy to replace.

The revolutionary ‘poly panels’ offer many benefits in comparison to traditional concrete noise barriers:

  • They are lightweight, weighing in at 60kg per panel, compared to a traditional concrete panel which weighs 250kg, making them quick to install and easy to transport.
  • They are cost effective to produce and cost effective to install given reduced machinery needs, labour requirements and assembly time.
  • They improve safety in the event of a collision, absorbing impact.
  • They are environmentally friendly with a lower overall carbon footprint to manufacture than concrete panels and offering 100% recyclability.
  • They are corrosion and graffiti resistant.
  • The M5 Widening Project will see approximately 16,000 poly panels installed along a 21km strip from King Georges Road, Beverly Hills to Camden Valley Way, Prestons.

Wayne Williams, General Manager Viscount Plastics said: “The true potential for plastics in noise barrier technology is only just being recognised and understood. This is an exciting area of development and Viscount is proud to be one of only two accredited suppliers of polyethylene noise walls in the Australian market. As critical infrastructure builds and upgrades continue to roll out, we look forward to working with the leading engineering contractors in the country to deliver a cost effective, efficient and green solution that will support their projects and stand the test of time.”

Recently AbiGroup, Aus Group Alliance and Viscount collaborated on the construction of the 27km Peninsula Link in Victoria.

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