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Pact Group welcomes the Recycling and Waste Reduction Bill 2020

PUBLISHED: 27 August

Pact Group today welcomed the Federal Government’s announcement of the new Recycling and Waste Reduction Bill 2020. The bill being presented in Parliament today will see the ban on the waste export of plastic, paper, tyres, and glass.

Speaking about the proposed legislation – Raphael Geminder, Chairman of Pact Group said “ this is a fantastic outcome for all Australians who care passionately about doing the right thing regarding recycling waste. This legislation will ensure that valuable materials collected are locally processed to retain value and included in locally manufactured products. This is a great outcome for our economy and environment. It will create thousands of jobs domestically and create a new self-sustaining industry for decades to come. I would like to commend Minister Ley and Minster Evans for taking proactive meaningful actions to ensure that these valuable materials remain onshore”.

This legislation follows the announcement of a Recycling Modernisation Fund which commits $190 million in investment to strengthen Australia’s recycling and processing capability and help strengthen the local circular economy. The announcement outlined that the $190 million commitment from the Federal Government will be matched by a further $190 million contribution from state governments with the recycling industry expected to invest an additional $200 million. Additionally, the Federal Government has committed $35 million to fund a national waste plan and $25 million to address national waste data and a greater focus on outcomes.

Media Release: Landmark legislation for Australia’s waste


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