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Pact Group’s LIGHT PROOF™ milk bottle for Fonterra

PUBLISHED: 26 December

Fonterra New Zealand’s iconic Anchor brand worked closely with manufacturing partner Alto to design test and produce Anchor’s revolutionary LIGHT PROOF™ bottle.

The LIGHT PROOF™ bottle is a first in fresh white milk for its ability to help preserve the nutritional value, freshness and taste of milk.

The damage caused by light-strike can cause taste degradation even at low concentrations of light. Blocking out light can help to protect the fresh taste and nutrients in milk such as vitamins A and B2 that are degraded by light. A 200ml glass of milk provides 25% of your daily vitamin B2 needs. Anchor’s LIGHT PROOF™ technology protects this vitamin B2 from light throughout the shelf life of the milk.

The key to the innovation is adding two micro-layers to the existing single layer bottle, while ensuring the HDPE bottle is still light weight and easily recyclable.

The inside and outside layers are opaque white so that the milk still looks good and is recognisable on shelf. The middle layer is the game changer – coloured black, it blocks out 100% of light. Your milk can see a lot of damaging light before it gets to your fridge, so Anchor’s LIGHT PROOF™ bottle protects it.

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